We are determined to provide efficiency and satisfaction to our customers and partners. We value our partners’ needs. We understand that excellence is in the details. We are committed to continuous improvement. We aim for efficiency without compromising quality.

We have been here since 1939, serving our customers and partners, through all times. Finding the best possible solutions, offering an integrated service, for our customers' shipping needs. The Cyprus Shipping Company Limited was established in Famagusta, Cyprus and since has remained a family-owned company, now based in Limassol, Cyprus. As members of the Cyprus Shipping Association and BIMCO, we have shipping in our DNA. We have represented Borchard Lines Ltd,London since 1945.

How we do it

We constantly evolve through changing times, adopting new thinking and technologies. We offer personalised solutions for importers and exporters, with efficiency and quality as our guiding forces.


Our people

We live and breathe shipping. Our highly experienced employees are focused on the real details that achieve the customer satisfaction we strive for. With decades of experience, our dedicated team is constantly evolving to the changing times, aiming to achieve excellence in our work.

Our values

Every employee is driven by integrity, excellence and reliability, as our core values. Efficiency and satisfaction of our customers and partners are in the center of our operations. We constantly strive for excellence, aiming for positive change in our industry.


Our partners

We are privileged to represent the interests of Borchard Lines Ltd since 1945. The Borchard Group of Companies is one of the oldest established Liner Shipping Companies serving Europe and the Mediterranean and has been operating Liner Shipping Services since 1933.

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